Peace for the soul,

     Prayer for the heart,

          Passion for a thoughtful faith.

Park Avenue and Copper Basin road in Prescott

Worship Services

8:30 AM “Casual” Sunday Worship Service 

This service provides an opportunity for worship in a relaxed, early setting.  We hope that you will draw near to God through this simple observance of Sabbath rest.   The music is led primarily by a small vocal ensemble with acoustic guitar.

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10 AM Sunday

Worship Service

This service includes our Chancel Choir and classic organ.  Christian Education classes are provided for all ages. 

The Friday Project

(On Summer Break until August 10th)

A Variety of Inspirational Speakers and Music

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$5 meal at 5 PM (Optional, by reservation. Deadline is the Monday before each service)

Meal Reservations

6 PM Worship Service

activity-based Bible classes for  children

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 630 Park Avenue

Prescott, Arizona  86303


Office Hours: M-Th 9am - 3pm