Friday Project Speaker Guidelines

Each speaker will prepare a brief (about 15 minute) message from your life experience and Christian faith perspective.  There are only a few guidelines:

1.  As stated above, we expect speakers to give a message from life experience and Christian faith perspective.  This does not mean you need to be a theologian, or necessarily refer to scripture in your message.  The message can be about your life and how faith enhances your life, or it can be a lesson from your life with a scripture application if you wish.  Think of it much more like a testimony or a sharing time than a “sermon.”  

If you have talent in art, music or ?, then consider sharing your talent as part of your message.  What makes you unique?  What experiences or challenges in your life may be helpful to share with others.  How has your faith helped you on your journey?  How have your Christian friends and mentors helped you along the way?  These are all questions which may guide you.   

2.  We are expecting speakers to be inclusive in their message.  We are trying to reach out to everyone.  We want to avoid subject matter and content that divides the community, and concentrate on all the good things that bring us together.

3.  Each week we will focus on a scripture for reading, meditation, contemplation, prayer and action.  I will be providing these focus scriptures as we plan ahead for each service.  You can choose to tie into the focus scripture if you wish.  It is optional.